PHILOSOPHYCorporate philosophy

01.PHILOSOPHYManagement Philosophy

With free idea and creativity, we will expand the potential of the freeze-drying field and contribute to the development of society.

02.VISIONManagement Vision

“We are providing excellent integrated manufacturing and maintenance service capabilities”
Since developing the first freeze-dryer to food industries market in Japan, 1962, we have been entering not only food industries market but also pharmaceutical industries market. And then, we have been the first position in the domestic freeze-dryers market due to our excellent technological capabilities and numerous delivery records.
By continuously improving our development technology and maintenance service capabilities, we will provide excellent products to meet diverse freeze-dryers market.

03.CODE OF CONDUCTCode of Conduct

We will continue to develop fair and sincere business activities by constantly accumulating self-improvement on the spirit of “Many a little makes a mickle.”.

01.Towards a sustainable society
We strive to develop and provide high-quality, environment-friendly and user-friendly technologies, products, and services with an awareness of universal design, and contribute to sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues.
02.Sincere and fair activities
In order to protect fair and free competition, we will comply with the basic rules regarding transactions, including domestic and international competition law, and will act in accordance with the law and proper corporate ethics.
03.Response to antisocial forces
We will block all relationships with antisocial forces, both inside and outside the country, refuse any unreasonable demands or fraudulent transactions, and never engage in antisocial transactions.
04.Basic and right way
We are not involved in any acts of bribery or corruption. We will not give or receive gifts or entertainment that is beyond the scope of social norms, which is a hotbed for such acts.
05.Appropriate information disclosure
We will disclose information fairly and transparently in order to maintain and develop relationships of trust with various stakeholders, including our customers and business partners.
06.Diversity & Inclusion
To realize a company where all diverse employees can play an active role, we will establish a corporate culture that respects diversity and create a work environment where creativity and innovation can be created.
07.Health / safety / security
Based on the idea that “protecting safety and health is our top priority,” we not only ensure workplace safety, but also respect the realization of flexible working styles and diverse values, and each and every employee. However, we will strive to create a workplace where employees can work with motivation, motivation, and aspirations, and will work on various types of support for the growth of each employee and the promotion of physical and mental health.
08.Environmental protection
We will strive to reduce CO2 emissions through the value chain, improve water and resource utilization efficiency, and minimize the impact on natural capital in order to aim for a low-carbon society, a highly circulating society, and a society that coexists with nature.
09.Coexistence with the local community
As a “good corporate citizen,” we will build relationships of trust with the local community, work together to solve problems, and contribute to the development of the local community.
10.Execution of top management responsibilities
Top management will take the initiative in complying with this Code of Conduct and make the utmost efforts to ensure that business operations are carried out in accordance with corporate ethics and laws and regulations. We will strive for corrective measures and prevent recurrence.