The KYOWAC freeze dryer, contributing to a broad range of fields, frm pharmaceuticals to food manufacture, academic research field, etc.

Contributing to the pharmaceutical industry with world leading advanced technology.For production of pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

Freezing drying is a method of directly removing moisture from solid phase substances frozen by “sublimation” without passing through the liquid phase.

this manufacturing process indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry to time-of-use melting-type injectables.
  • 01 During drying, because the sample is maintained at low temperature, it is suitable for drying substances that are heat-unstable.
  • 02 Re-melting of dried product is excellent.
  • 03 Removal of microbes and foreign substances from solution is easy.
  • 04 It is possible to divide and pour out a very small quantity.

RL series (Shelf type)

The RL series, basic equipment created and perfected over many years for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, designed to carefully refined machine specifications. These specifications can be customized to suit individual customer needs such as separate options and layouts. Please feel free to consult with us.

ICS Series (Tube type)

Through original development, KYOWAC has completed the world’s first Integrated Closed System FD:ICS/FD (fully sealed system freeze-drying machine). Everything from drug solution to freeze-drying, pulverization, and recovery is conducted within a sealed space, accomplishing operation without a mechanical drive mechanism.

  • 01 A sealed system enables sterile production that is not affected by the ambient environment.
  • 02 Ice lining technology enables non-overcooling of liquid, orderly ice crystal formation, and non-adherence to pipe walls.
  • 03 No mechanical actuator enables dust-free.
ICS Flow

From planning to production for the expanding food drying industry.For food production

Since the inception of freeze-dried foods in Japan, KYOWAC has proposed new types of freeze dryers in response to consumer demands and the needs of the times.

  • 01 Easy to wash TFO (shelf full open) type suitable for contract manufactured products.
  • 02 ETS (tray slide) type for low energy cost.
  • 03 TVS (monorail/trolley loading) type that supports HACCP
  • 04 CIP (clean in place) equipment and SIP (sterilize in place) equipment supporting highly functional foods have been developed.

TVS series (Monorail/Trolley Loading Type)

Trays on the trolley hung by the monorail in the center are loaded into the drying chamber set on shelves supported at one end.

  • 01 Trolley can be easily conveyed.
  • 02 Shelves in drying chamber can be inspected and washed from the center aisle.
  • 03 Slice valve enables shielding of back trap, keeping the drying chamber dry.

RLE series

The series is suitable for small quantity/multi-type drying applications. There are examples of use in which agricultural and marine products are subject to partial processing and used to promote local industry.

Detailed resuponse for various needs of researchers.For test and research

Freeze-drying equipment for research plays an active part in various applications as essential regular-use equipment for laboratories.

  • 01 To remove moisture for product analysis
  • 02 To preserve microbes, bacterial strains, foods, biologically active substances, products, etc.
  • 03 To freeze or thaw products
  • 04 To use as a thermostatic chamber or cultivation equipment

Triomaster II series (Triple heat-exchange trap system)

Low-temperature control of the shelf from -30 ℃ is enabled by the same triple heat-exchange trap system as that of a pharmaceuticals production machine.

  • ○Shelf plate:Flat box type with internal brine circulation, Temperature distribution of less than 2°C, Has movable sealing plug function
  • ○Cold trap:External installation type, Brine circulation method
  • ○Ice melting:Brine circulation method

RL-BC series (Brine cooler with low-temperature control)

Low-temperature control from -20° C for shelf plates.

  • ○Shelf plate:Fixed Shelves, box type internal brine circulation
  • ○Cold trap:External installation type, internal brine circulation
  • ○Ice melting:Vacuum ice-melting method

RL-B series (Brine circulation system)

Brine circulation method is adopted for shelf plates, enabling easy cleaning of drying chamber.

  • ○Shelf plate:Fixed Shelves, system in which brine circulates through a coil
  • ○Cold trap:External installation type, refrigerant direct-expansion trap
  • ○Ice melting:Vacuum ice-melting method

RLE II series (Electric heater heating type)

Enables shelf temperature radiation heating to 100° C (Option)

  • ○Shelf plate:Fixed Shelves, direct expansion cooler, heater heating, Enables efficient drying by aluminum alumite processing
  • ○Cold trap:Built-in chamber type, refrigerant direct expansion cooler
  • ○Ice melting:Vacuum ice-melting method

Also available is a lineup of agitating type equipment for wet granular materials such as enzymes and antibiotics.Other products

Freeze dryers are essential to agitating type vacuum dryers for active pharmaceutical ingredients of wet pharmaceuticals, such as enzymes and antibiotics; to preservation of preservation of buried cultural properties, such as a wooden tablets and bamboo writing strips; to restoration technology of water-damaged books; and to preservation technology for flower arrangements.

SZ series

The SZ series is a rotary-blade type vacuum dryer which under high vacuum can vacuum dry active pharmaceutical ingredients (wet granular materials, such as enzymes and antibiotics). The cylindrical body is fixed and the rotary blade opens a door by a single axis, enabling internal cleaning and inspection. The cylindrical body employs a warm water circulatory system for the rotary blade, improving drying efficiency by increasing heat transfer area.

Series for cultural assets

Vacuum drying is used for preservation of microbes, bacterial strains, antitoxins, etc. in research, for preservation of tissue sections, for preservation of buried cultural properties such as wooden tablets and bamboo writing strips, for restoration technology of water-damaged books, for preservation of flower arrangements, etc. Shelf plates and cylindrical body are heated by the warm water circulation system. Regarding the condenser system, circulating brine temperature is individually designed for the target degree of vacuum.
The vacuum pumping system is selected in accordance with the degree of vacuum.